Children and Divorce: The Effects

If you or a loved one are contemplating a divorce, there is much to be considered. When children enter into the picture, the stakes are higher and everything changes. While you...

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Familiarize Yourself With Divorce Laws

Having to endure the stress of a divorce is difficult enough under any circumstances. If you’re unfamiliar with the laws of divorce, you could be putting yourself at a...

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Divorce Prevention: Simple Steps to Save Your Marriage

The prospect of divorce is never easy to deal with. Nobody anticipates this outcome when taking their marriage vows. Although sometimes divorce is inevitable, taking preventative...

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Divorce Law: A Simple Guide

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Your Children and Divorce

Family Fight Learn how divorce affects children and whether or not they can be allowed to choose where to live. Should a child choose which parent gains custody?

The Divorce Laws

Indifferent Couple What kind of divorce laws are there and how will it affect you? What can you expect in the eyes of the law when filing for a divorce?

Prevent a Divorce

Sad Wife Are there ways to actually prevent a divorce from occurring? What are some of the secrets to a successful marriage, where divorce never enters into the picture?